Dark Sky – Holiday under the stars

Dark Sky – Holiday under the stars


Discover one of the darkest places in Denmark where the stars are the brightest in the sky and where the Milky Way appears as a nebula path in the darkness. This is a sight that takes you by surprise and lets your mind wander back to historical legends and myths.


Now, we offer Dark Sky Stays at our country house ‘The View’, which include:


 1. Telescope

 2. Deck chairs
 3. Warm blankets/rugs
 4. Leaflet and newspaper about the night sky


1 week in the summer holidays
Price per person when 10 people stay a week in the summer holidays, only DKK 1050

Weekend (outside summer holiday season)
Price per person when 10 people stay for 2 nights at the weekend, DKK 500

1 week (outside summer holiday season)
Price per person when 10 people stay for a week, DKK 850


How to do
Book a Dark Sky Holiday for 1 week or 1 weekend in the booking calendar at the top of the page.

When you book, just type "Dark Sky Stay" in the field for special requests, then we will make sure that everything is ready for you at your arrival – including hundreds of shining stars in the sky.


Møns Klint Resort has several summer houses, cottages and country houses which right now are being Dark Sky certified.  


Download the free Sky View app here and find the star constellations in the sky.
Watch the video and be inspired – some of the photographs are taken from the terrace at ‘The View’.

Møns Klint Resort · Klintevej 544 · DK-479 Borre Møn · (+45) 5581 2025 · camping@klintholm.dk 

Dark sky logo
Ophold og TV stuer med udgang til terrasse
Mælkevejen set fra liggestolene på terrassen med en romtoddy i hånden
Stuerne med kig til terrassen på Udsigten
Møns Klint en stjerneklar nat
Udsigtens helt unikke beliggenhed ved Møns Klint
Stairway to heaven