Dark Sky Camp



first Dark Sky Park

is located on Møn


 Camping Møns Klint aims for the sky

 Sleep below the sparkling, starry sky. This is the exciting promise open to tourists at Camping Møns Klint - an idea that has won honours in Germany’s largest camping organization, ADAC.


Dark Sky on Møn and Nyord. ‘Half the Park is after Dark’


  • •The entire site at Camping Møns Klint has been certified with 4 stars out of 5. The entire place has been reviewed and we are in the process of renovating and changing all our outdoor lighting, etc.. When we open in the spring, we will be welcoming both night and day. ‘Half the Camp is After Dark’


"Half the Park is after Dark" 



  • At Møns Klint you will find Scandinavia's first Dark Sky Area for guests who want to stay and experience the night sky in perfect conditions. Camping Møns Klint has created a landscaped space at the site where it is the Stars in the sky that show the way and where the Star Lounge creates a physical space for contemplation of the starry sky above us. Here – accompanied by the Sky View app - the whole family can enjoy the sky while the fire crackles and the tales about Orion, the Dolphin and Medusa come alive. You can download the  Sky View app on the link below.


  • Free Sky View app click here



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Link to Dark Sky Møn,Catch the Stars and Facebook.

We kick-started Dark Sky Møn with a great concert by Pink Floyd Project 4-9-14. They performed the whole Dark side of the Moon at Klintholm Harbour. More than 3000 guests participated and the ambience was absolutely unique. Watch the short film below and enjoy the music and atmosphere of this amazing evening.


Watch the ScandinavianPink Floyd Project  at Klintholm Harbour on September 4th 2014 from Møns Klint Resort on Vimeo



In the world of Møns Klint Resort you will also find the popular lighthouse cabin derskerikkeenskid.dk


"Let the horizon take you places

your imagination has not yet been"


Møn and Nyord are aspiring to become the first official Dark Sky Park in Scandinavia that will join the Dark Sky Park Association http://darksky.org/night-sky-conservation/dark-sky-parks In Europe today, you will find Dark Sky Parks in Germany , England, France and Scotland.



"Night hides a World,

but reveals a Universe".

  Persian proverb


Read more about the night sky in our newspaper Dark Sky News, click on the image.


Next year the Dark Sky News vil be translated to english but have a look at the danish version on page 2 you can see a star map.

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