Facts and prices


Here you’ll find some information regarding the practical facts when you bring your horses on vacation. 



  • Remember to ask about folds for your horses when you make your booking.


  • Your horses will always get their own fold, but you must bring at least two horses, since we can’t promise that there will be other horses present at all times, and we don’t want a horse standing alone.


  • You must bring your own equipment and forage/hay for the horses


  • The prices for bringing your horse is 200 DKK for a week or 75 pr. night. (Bringing horses is free if you’re staying at Stengården)


  • There will be fresh water and good fencing. The folds are close to the campsite, the pavilion and the fishing house. At Stengården the folds are just by the house. There is limited space, meaning book ASAP if you want to stay at the campsite and bring your horse. You will not need to buy a riding pass, this is included.


  • It’s good practice that your horse has new shoes, since it can be rather difficult to get a blacksmith fast. (If you are unfortunate to lose one, we will do what we can to help out).


  • NB !! When you leave the fold please remove the horse droppings from the fold, for the wellbeing of the next horse.


  • Remember !! If you bring you own horse with you on vacation, it must have a valid vaccination card, which you need to show at arrival.


Hikingmap and ridingtrails in the forest



It is possible to bring your horse for a weekend or for vacation on the campsite, or in one of our holiday houses.


  • Are you staying at The Lodge you’ll have 6 boxes and a fold at you disposal


  • Are you staying in the Fishing house or in the fishing house there are good folds neer by


  • Are you staying in The lighthouse cabin or at Sandet the horses will be at the campsite or at the manor.

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