Horses and horseback riding

Welcome to one of the most exciting terrains in Denmark, just behind the Cliffs.

The cliffs of Moen, which was named Danish wonder nr. 1, was created by the ice more than 10.000 years ago. When the ice drew back it left the hilly terrain that you se today. And it is here that you find kilometer on kilometer of riding trails waiting for you to explore them.


Rent an Icelandic horse

They have horses for both beginners and trained riders.

If you don’t have your own horse with you, you can book a guided tour on Icelandic horses here:

Møn Islændercenter
 Call 55 81 28 10, or send an e-mail to: moen-ishest@mail.dk




“Catch a perfect day” on horseback, with you own guide.

It is also a possibility to book your own private guide. Annette Jensen knows the whole area and has worked professionally with horses all her life. She can thus guide you on the perfect day on horseback at any level of expertise (Icelandic and “big” horses)


Small riding tours for children can also be arranged - Prise for 1/2 an hour 100 DKK


You can book Annette by calling +45 23602385 or e-mail: hjertebjerg@privat.dk

The price will be arranged individually fitting the wishes you have for your specific tour.


Remember all riding is at one’s own risk.

Møns Klint Resort · Klintevej 544 · DK-479 Borre Møn · (+45) 5581 2025 · camping@klintholm.dk 

The Day of fortune
Jydelejet ....
Finding my horse
The Camp
The end of the day