Hunosøgaard Lake Apartments


Hunosøgaard Lake Apartments opening easter 2019


Hunosøgaard and the surrounding area has a long and fascinating history, which dates back to the last Ice Age. Back when the ice retracted, it left a huge block of ice which then started to melt and became what we now know as Møns largest lake – Huno Lake; with its characteristic steep edges. The lake got its name from the knight Huno whom, in the 17th century, had his castle on the west side of the lake. The walls are somewhat still intact and are still visible today whilst walking around the lake.


In the late 1800’s, the small farm house Hunosøgaard – found on the eastern end of the lake with its 4 wings – was rebuilt to a guest house by Klintholm Estate and has since then been used for tourism. This has been ideal with its location being close to Møns Klint and with Jydelejet as its close neighbor. Hunosøgaard has since the 80’s been used as a hostel.


In 2018, Klintholm Estate began the renovation of Hunosøgaard to a new structure – with walls of Larch and a roof of moss – which will include eight hotel-apartments, a café and a farm shop. The apartments are architecturally designed with views of Huno Lake. The café and farm shop will include a big outdoor terrace on the old boulder-foundation, where it will also be possible to enjoy views of the lake.


Our purpose with Hunosøgaard is to create a structure in peace with nature and which can offer high quality, local products. We hope to create a space for both locals and tourists, to enjoy nature, both indoors and outdoors.


Online booking is open.


The photos are photorealistic visualisation and they give a good indication of how the building and the apartments are going to look.

Møns Klint Resort · Klintevej 544 · DK-479 Borre Møn · (+45) 5581 2025 · camping@klintholm.dk  

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