Klintholm habour and marina

Klintholm harbour and marina
Klintholm harbour and the two sandy beaches on either side of the port are only about a kilometre from Søndergård. Here you can also buy your groceries at the local supermarket and enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants. There are excellent facilities for trolling boats including slipway. You can also enjoy local arts and crafts or take a boat trip with the cutter ‘Discovery’ and experience the white Cliffs of Møn from the seaside.
Links to the harbour’s experiences:
Eating out:
Klintholm røgeri and Hyttefadet (Klintholm Smokehouse  and ‘Hyttefadet’ Restaurant)


Boat trips to Møns Klint:
Sejlkutteren Discovery (The Discovery Sailing Boat)


Arts and Crafts:
Pakhuset - Kunsthåndværk and Håndmalet glas og porcelæn (Pakhuset Arts & Crafts and Hand painted glass and porcelain)

Møns Klint Resort · Klintevej 544 · DK-479 Borre Møn · (+45) 5581 2025 · camping@klintholm.dk 

Stilhed i havnen
Discovery ved klinten