The Stewards house


Klintholm Gods is known as the estate located in one of the most beautiful natural sites in Denmark and situated next to Møns Klint which was owned by Klintholm Estate until April 1980 when Møns Klint was sold to the State.

The location of Klintholm in such a varied and magnificent scenery also provides a the possibility of different activities and now you can stay in this manor environment. 


Klintholm'shistory as an Estate is not particularly long. The estate was until 1769 a part of Høje Møn, which was owned by the Crown. In 1769, Møn was divided into five estates and sold. The first buildings were built between 1778 and 1780. The first building built was a dairy and a 48 x 13 m long stable with timbered beams and a thatched roof. The name Klintholm occurs first between 1776 and 1778. Before then, it was known as the Klint Estate. Merchant Staal only had the pleasure of living at Klintholm for about 10 years as he died in July 1797. Then, Klintholm was sold by the widow to Jacob Brønnum Scavenius on June 7th in 1798. The 200th anniversary of this purchase was celebrated at Klintholm in 1998 with a gathering of 400 people who were related to Klintholm.


In the old days, the Estate had many employees and all the buildings had a function. The large, impressive, listed building, the storehouse, functioned as the granary. 


All prices are inclusive:  WIFI, electricity, heating.

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