The Lodge – A different holiday house at The Cliffs of Moen.


The Lodge a different holiday house at The Cliffs of Moen, a Chalet from 1870.



A Chalet

The Lodge was built in 1870 as a holiday boarding house for the first “real tourists” who wanted to see The Cliffs of Moen. The house was built in the style of the houses in the French Alps, and the surrounding landscape fits, when you look from the house and garden you look across the hills that characterize the hinterland of the Cliffs. This unique holiday house is only 500 meters away from the stairs at Gråryg which is part of the Cliffs, that makes it the holiday house which is the closest to the Cliffs.  


It’s perfect for horses and fishing

We have chosen to make the house a part of a concept for horseback riders and anglers but also for other outdoor activities and being so close to one of Denmarks top attraction Geocenter Møns Klint, there is a guarantee of exciting experiences.

For horseback riders and anglers there is hardly any place more exciting in Denmark. There is six meters to the horse staples and good folds. The terrain for riding is incredible on all sides of the house. There are all the facilities needed for anglers such as a freezer, a place to gut the fish and a place for cleaning the engine with fresh water. 


All year

It is possible to rent The Lodge all year round. The winter and early spring season is perfect for costal fishing for seatrout and salmon by trolling boats. Download our free app for fishing  here.


All prices are inclusive:  WIFI, electricity, heating and firewood for the fireplace.






Everything about The Lodge

See the unique location of The Lodge

possibly the most exciting terrain in Denmark

Outdoor life for the experienced as well as the beginner who wants to catch the perfect day.

Some of the best coast fishing and trolling in Scandinavia

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Folde på Stengården
Stort dobbelt soveværelse
The Lodge/Stengården anno 1900