The View


Spectacular View

The house, ‘The View’, is located on the southern part of Møns Klint’s chalky cliffs. As the name implies, this house has a truly exceptional location with not only a view of the deep blue waves of the Baltic Sea deep but also of the many green, glacial hills that characterize exactly this landscape, which is one of the most spectacular natural areas in Denmark.


Completely close to Møns Klint
‘The View’ is situated just 200 metres from the southernmost decline to Møns Klint. When walking down the path, you also step 70 million years back in time. Chalk, flint and fossils tell of a bygone era.
The world's fastest animal, the peregrine falcon nest on the cliffs and by the foot of the cliffs, you will find some of the best sea trout fishing spots. At times, you can also be lucky and watch seals and porpoises swim by. The area offers world class nature experiences.


In the Night Time

The lighthouse at Møns Klint is located to the South and adds a very special atmosphere at night when the lighthouse beam scans the sea. The lighthouse and observation house Fyrhytten’ (i.e. the lighthouse cabin) played a large and important role throughout the Cold War as all the Warsaw Pact ships passed by the channel 10 nautical miles out to sea. Today, the sea traffic is clear to see. All ships passing westwards out there are either sailing under the bridge of the Great Belt or out through the Kiel Canal.


Newly renovated

‘The view’ sleeps 10, the place is newly renovated and is furnished with care and in line with the house style.
You will feel at home and are provided with everything you need of appliances, etc.
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Enjoy a holiday under the stars at Møns Klint Resort and experience the starry sky as you may never have seen it before.

See the unique location of The View.

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